Strix in the new report "Omni-commerce. Kupuję wygodnie"

Report "Omni-commerce. Kupuję wygodnie" is the latest publication of the Polish Chamber of Electronic Economy (Polska Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej) prepared by Mobile Institute. The report includes a comment by Strix CEO - Borys Skraba.

About the report

As the reporters write: This year's edition of the survey and report "Omni-commerce. I buy comfortably" is unique due to the circumstances in which it was created. We have an almost 3-month quarantine behind us, and we may be facing a slowdown in economic development or even a crisis. On the other hand, there is a clear boom in e-commerce. Online shopping was declared by 72% of respondents.

What other habits do online shoppers have? Are Poles willing to use e-shopping? What are their preferred payment methods? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the publication.

We couldn't be missing in this publication and on page 63 you will read an expert comment by Borys Skraba - CEO of Strix, who points out, among other things, the need for proper product information management to meet the needs of customers in online shops.

The fifth edition of the report, enriched this year by the influence of COVID-19 on the purchasing behaviour of Poles. The research and report was carried out by Mobile Institute research agency on behalf of the Polish Chamber of Electronic Economy.

This publication is available only in Polish.

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