Commerce Space no. 2

Presentations, expert debates, and public panel - this is how our new initiative can be described in a nutshell. From autumn 2019 we organize meetings of e-commerce enthusiasts, to which we invite experts from the industry, merchants, or service providers to talk together about the latest trends in the industry.

Commerce Space no. 2 is already a history. We focused on e-commerce in the beauty industry. We talked about the characteristics of the cosmetics market in Poland; what has the greatest impact on sales in the beauty sector and what tools should be used to increase conversion in online drugstores.

To the discussion panel we invited e-commerce specialists with many years of experience in working with cosmetic brands:

  • Łukasz Hardek (Semahead)
  • Joanna Hołuj (IOSSI)
  • Iwona Czopek (Bielenda/BodyBoom)
  • Michał Pieprzak (
  • Katarzyna Sporysz (Arbonne)

We are already preparing for the next meeting, check our website and social media channels to stay updated!