We love meetups

Knowledge should be shared - this is the assumption we came up with when we started organizing regular internal meetings in which our employees give a presentation on topics on which they know best.

This can be an introduction to a new coding language, ways of managing tasks in projects or coping with stress. We meet once a month, start with speeches over pizza and beer in the best Krakow's pubs. But we also like to meet in a wider circle! We organize open hackathons and meetups vue.js - which gather the Krakow community of programmers.

Example of topics

  • Lxc vs. Docker - what is better?
  • BPMN as a way to describe needs and business processes.
  • How to deal with frustration with Christopher Avery's Responsibility Model?
  • How to work in Agile?
  • Axios, how to synchronize server-side rendering with the client using interceptors?
  • Progressive Web App - advantages, disadvantages and interface traps
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk - how to quickly put your application on AWS without knowing their ecosystem?