We win awards (and are proud of it!)

We are proud that the projects we implement for clients win awards. For design, UX, best solutions in e-commerce and more. So, happy that the industry appreciates our work. It inspires us to meet new challenges!

We are not taking part in the rat race. Every day we just try to do our job the most competent we can. Participation in competitions is a moment to show our most interesting projects to a wider audience. When we manage to win a distinction, it is an award for work for the whole team. Besides, who doesn't like to feel the best in their field sometimes? :-)

Selected awards:


  • Magento Imagine - Best in Class Omnichannel - Finalist for Tous project
  • Ecommerce Polska Awards - Best Usability - Big Shops for Semilac project
  • Ecommerce Polska Awards - Best Usability - Small Shops for I’M Ready

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